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"Wood is the material of the future, not only for its durability, but also for its beauty and versatility. It can contribute significantly to reducing our carbon footprint in the construction sector while creating beautiful and warm spaces for people"

Michael Green

Renowned Canadian architect specializing in wood construction and advocate for the use of wood in sustainable construction

Our products

Staircase components

Wardrobe and Kitchen components

Baseboards and casing

Decorative mouldings

Chair rails and crown mouldings

Our species


  • Durable wood, able to withstand daily wear and tear
  •  Fine and uniform texture, making it easy to work with
  • Appreciated for its sustainability due to its ability to be harvested responsibly and its contribution to sustainable forest management


  • Hard and robust wood, resistant to wear
  • Oak comes in different colors: red, white
  • Under different cuts: riftcup, quartersaw


  • Considered a soft to semi-hard wood
  • Softer than woods like oak or walnut
  • There are more than 35 species of alder around the world


  • Famous for its rich and dark color that varies from light brown to dark brown or even black
  • One of the most aesthetically appealing woods
  • Hardwood to semi-hard
  • Popular choice for high-end furniture


  • Lightweight, relatively soft wood
  • Easy to work with and economical but less durable than some other types of wood
  • Poplar wood is not particularly resistant to rot or insects


  • Considered a semi-hard wood
  • Durable and rot-resistant wood
  • Wood appreciated for its warm color, attractive grain and versatility in carpentry


  • Particularly appreciated for its rich and warm color
  • Varies from golden brownish-pink to dark red-brown when exposed to sunlight
  • Durable and strong wood


  • Color that varies from yellowish white to light brown, depending on the pine species and growing conditions
  • Considered a soft to semi-hard wood
  • Pine wood is not particularly resistant to rot or insects